Rogier van Tilburg

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My name is Rogier van Tilburg.

I am a commercial photographer serving the Victoria and Vancouver areas.

I am also a perfectionist and a lover of the stories that photographs tell. I have spent my entire career as a commercial photographer perfecting the art and science of taking beautiful pictures. I specialize in food photography, interior photography, people photography and product photography. I am passionate about creating images that invoke desire, and my mission is to delight my clients by telling their stories through directed photography.

Photography is my passion, and I want to use my skills as a commercial photographer to help you tell your story.

My Skills


Let me bring your product to life. It will be the next best thing to the real thing.


Allow me to show the best view of your interior design - a good picture can tell a bigger than life story.


I will capture the unique personality of the subject.


Mouth watering and appetizing food pictures.

Why Choose Me?

light composure

Light composure is the key to all great commercial photography, from product photography and
food photography to people photography and interior photography. I have the equipment and
expertise to create the perfect lighting wherever I travel, allowing me to bring my professional
studio to you.

Professional skills

With years of commercial photography experience in Europe and elsewhere, I bring courtesy,
professionalism and expertise to every shoot.

World-Class Equipment

I’ve spent my entire career testing and experimenting with the best cameras, lenses, lighting,
monitors, printers, and software, allowing me to bring the best equipment to every project.

Commercial Photography

I understand the business side of the industry quite well, and I have plenty of experience
collaborating with companies in both Europe and North America.

Directed Photography

The ability to take direction is of the utmost importance, and I excel at providing the purposeful,
planned shots that make me a joy to work with for clients.

The Entire Team in One Package

I have established a tight network of professionals in Victoria and Vancouver area to help me create the perfect photoshoot. Models, Assistants, Chefs, Hair Stylists, and Fashion Stylists are important contributors to every photoshoot and I work with some of the best.